Photo by John Jones

Miri Hardy, aka Miri in the Wild, is a Sarasota, Florida based entrepreneur with a unique mix of academic, artistic and global business experience.  A Social Psychologist by training, with a PhD from Washington University in Saint Louis, Miri is an experienced educator, researcher, artist, and strategist with a passion for nature.

Driven by her strong passion for conservation through environmental education, Miri worked with 'Save our Seabirds' (a non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release sick and injured wild birds) on a large-scale initiative to expand the center's educational mission. As part of this initiative, she conceptualized a multi zone bird-themed playscape (The Flyscape), designed to highlight and augment the center's environmental mission through a fun and uniquely engaging experience.  She also wrote a popular weekly educational feature for a local newspaper about birds, threats they face in our environment, and how we can protect them.

Miri is currently Executive Director and Consultant for Friends of Myakka River, a non profit organization which supports Myakka River State Park, and the Wild and Scenic Myakka River.  In addition to managing and expanding the Friends' social media presence, she is working with the board to develop and implement a strategic plan for the organization, which includes building awareness about Friends of Myakka River, further increasing the non-profit's impact through environmental education, and continuing to ensure the organization's long-term financial viability.

Miri is happiest exploring Wild Florida, oftentimes on her bike, and capturing its beauty though the lens of her camera.  And she recently rediscovered the joys of climbing trees.

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